Sheridan Su

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Prince of Street Food: The Mexican Torta

Torta de Chorizo con Huevo, weighing in at over a pound!!!

What is a torta? In different countries, the word "Torta" carries different meanings. The word torta, depending on whom you ask, can mean: cake, omellete, or even scrambled eggs. But I want to talk about the Mexican Torta.

The torta is a Mexican sandwich. It is what the panini is to the Italians or the banh mi is to the Vietnamese. This sandwich can be found all over the country in restaurants, such as La Castellana or the thousands of street food vendors all over the city. The two types of bread commonly used in tortas are bolillo (oval shaped) and toleras (round shaped). They are packed with different fillings ranging from chorizo, ham, to milanesa and bacalao. Then these sandwiches are garnished with items such as avocado, sour cream, mayonaisse or frijoles. The torta is the quintessential street food. So if the taco is the "king of street food", then the torta is the "prince".

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