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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The King of Mexico City's Street Foods: Tacos, Baby!!!

My favorite taco stand in Tacubaya.

Cooking up some longaniza sausage, suadero and tripa with corn tortillas.

Una orden tacos suaderos.
Cost: 6 tacos for 10 pesos.
Conversion rate: 13 pesos = $1 USD

Tortas, Quesadillas, Frito Plantanos, Hambugeresas, Tamales, Flautas, Helado, Street Corn....

In a city where the thousands of street food vendors line sidewalks, alleyways, and anywhere they can fit their cart in, the street taco is KING.

The tacos are wrapped in corn tortillas, about 4 inches in diameter. The tortillas are always doubled up with 2 pieces per taco. You call out the filling of choice, whether it be al pastor (a gyro like sausage rotated on a rotisserie), longaniza sausage, tripe, suadero, or the many other offerings. After the tacos are filled with your desired protein, it gets topped with cilantro and onion. And now, the fun begins. You customize your taco with a little salsa verde or rojo, a squeeze of limon, and add cucumbers or radishes on the side.

My favorite taco stand is right off the Tacubaya metro station. For 10 pesos, you get 6 great tasting tacos of suadero or longaniza. Or for the same amount of dinero, you can have 4 tripas tacos, which is a specialty of this vendor. He often sells out!

Street tacos are delicious, however there are risks for all street foods. Eat with caution.

1. Find the busiest vendors. If it's good enough for the local crowd, then it's good enough for me. They know what's good.
2. See, taste, smell. Is their cooking platform dirty? Is the cooking oil old or is the oil clear and fresh? Does the meat have an off odor?
3. Use common sense!

I will leave you with one final line:
As the locals say, "If you haven't eaten street tacos, then you haven't really been to Mexico City!"

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