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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Passion for Noodles

"Taiwanese" Beef Noodle Soup, My Way....

Noodle Porn?

Also known as "niu rou mian" in Chinese

Noodles w/ braised beef shortribs . Here in D.F., Taiwanese restaurants and certain ingredients are non existant, so I revised a version of this noodle soup for some Taiwanese home cooking in Mexico City.

Given a choice between eating only rice or eating noodles for the rest of my life, I would choose noodles. I love noodles. All kinds of noodles, from Beijing style hand pulled noodles, to Shaanxi knife cut noodle, udon, to Italian pasta... but my favorite is Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

When one thinks about Taiwanese food and culture, one must not forget to mention "niu rou mian", which translates to beef noodle soup. It is a dish that has made such a great impact on a country, that it has become a way of life for many Taiwanese. It is near impossible to walk through more than a couple blocks without spotting a restaurant specializing in this dish. There are niu rou mian festivals and a annual competition, where the winner gains instant fame amongst his countrymen and women.

If I had a bowl full of this in front of me, then there are no other foods in the world I would rather eat. So...if you ever find a Taiwanese restaurant, go in and tell them that you want "niu rou mian"!

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