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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The perfect taco???

This is a question that I've asked myself many times throughout my stay here in Mexico City.

I must admit, I grew up eating "hard shell tacos" in school cafeterias and the numerous Taco Bells all over Southern California, something that is non existant here in DF. Then, when I first moved out here, I would seek out the best deals on tacos: 5 tacos for 10 pesos with free consomme was satisfying for me, but I knew there was something better. Though I have never tried them, I found some tacos off of the Metro Pantitlan Station for a ridiculous 1 peso each.

I liked tacos before, but it wasn't until my experience with El Charco de las Ranas, a taco joint, that turned my thinking of tacos upside down. Tacos formed from the meat of pork neck, hand made tortillas, and then there was suadero, and al pastor. The taco has been around forever, but I felt like I was missing out on something so simple and magnificent this whole time. WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN?

A single bite from a taco contains so many different textures, aromas and a dozen different flavors. It is something so simple, yet complex and exciting. And in its most basic and glorious form, consists of only corn tortillas, a protein, onion, cilantro, a squeeze of lime and salsa.

Searching for the perfect taco in DF is no small feat. There are hundreds and thousands of taco vendors. So if you are living in DF and have read up to this point, shout out your recommendation for your perfect taco spot.


Raul said...

Im from DF and I can tell you that El Charco de las ranas is a classic!... and El Lago de los Cisnes is also great (formerly from the same owners, located in Prado Norte, nexto to Suntory reforma). But my personal favorite taco place in DF is El Califa. (Located in Palmas, Pedregal and Chamizal). Ask for the "Jugo de Carne" and mix it with some cilantro and other spices. The best tacos al pastor in Mexico City.
I recently visited the Social House at Crystals (delicious!) and was amazed to hear it will open in DF.
Anxiously waiting for the opening!

Sheridan Su said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Raul! I'll definitely hit up El Califa again. I was there once, and only got the taco stuffed with beef filet. Glad you enjoyed Social House in Vegas. We're about a month away from opening.

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