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Thursday, August 5, 2010

All about "Comida Corrida"

(at a Comida Corrida by Metro Barranca del Muerto, Mexico DF)

Comida Corridas are all over Mexico. Basically, it's a restaurant with authentic Mexican home style cooked foods. Nothing really fancy, but kind of like having a lunch over at a Mexican grandma's house. These joints are occupied by all types of customers: people in business suits, students, and entire families. They are amazingly fast and inexpensive, costing about 30-50 pesos per person (about $2.00 - $4.00 usd). BTW, lunch time in Mexico is around 2-4 pm.

The menu format is always the same:

1st: consomme or soup of the day

2nd: rice or pasta

3rd: an traditionally cooked entree (think enchiladas, pork chop and green salsa, empanadas, chicken mole, etc) some restaurants change their menus daily

4th: Jello or Fruit

Of course this isn't all that's served. Each comida comes served with corn tortillas or bread, a large array of salsas, and unlimited agua fresca (fruit water).

So if eating grandma's home cooking turns you on, then a great option for lunch is the "comida corrida".

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Midwesterner in Mexico said...

I *love* comida corrida... If you could get a 4-course (+ bread + flavored water) lunch in the US for <$5, people would about die in shock. It really is the best deal around.

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