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Monday, April 5, 2010

Scenes from Santa Fe

Santa Fe is Mexico City's major business district, and is located along the western edge of Mexico City. It's a city within a city, but isn't as big as it looks. I've walked the city in a couple of hours. It consists mainly of skyscrapers and is home to many mainstream companies such as Nokia, GE, Ford and many others. It is also home to the restaurant I'm here to open: SOCIAL HOUSE.
The mega building project started about twenty years ago in Santa Fe, and is still going! Before that, it consisted of a landfill and sand mines.

I compare Santa Fe's building situation with Shanghai's Pudong District or even Dubai.

Check it out!

Golf driving range

Paragon Santa Fe (location of Social House)

Centro Commercial Santa Fe - The largest mall in Latin America

In Santa Fe, many skyscrapers are given nicknames, such as:
"Pantalones" meaning "Pants" building.

"The Washing Machine" building.

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