Sheridan Su

Friday, June 4, 2010

Glorious Coffee

Brewing coffee using a siphon.

Cafe Amano
Magdelena 208
Col. Del Valle, DF Mexico
Often considered the best way to brew coffee by conoisseurs around the world, I have never seen the siphon technique in action until I moved to Mexico City earlier this year. I was excited to try my first cup at Cafe Amano.
This technique was created in France and Germany during the 1800's. However, it is rarely used today, as much demand has died down.
Although I do not consider myself a coffee nerd, I do appreciate a damn fine cup of coffee. This method of preparing coffee is almost pornographic for the senses. From the aroma, to the sight of the coffee infusion, and the ritual of making a cup of brew.
Is this method better than commercial methods used today? I can't really answer "yes", but it does make for a good show.

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